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Mickey and Minnie`s Club
Activitatile se desfasoara exclusiv
in limba engleza 
    Mickey and Minnie's Club ofera copiilor posibilitatea de a-si petrece timpul in mod activ si placut in urmatoarele intervale orare: 

8:00-13:00, 8:00-14:00, 8:00-17:00

Va invitam sa aflaţi mai multe detalii despre noi si sa ne vizitati .

Strada Ioan Borcea, nr. 50, Constanta -

0721 646 643; 0764 276 564
  We strongly believe that choosing the right place where your child should study can be just as important as selecting the right elementary school or university, that is why our team of specialists will help your child have solid foundations in order to get a good start in life.
  All children aged between 3-6 years old will be encouraged to speak ONLY in English. Children aged 2 will be encouraged to speak Romanian ( with the help of a speech therapist – in order to prevent speech problems) and English.

  All the children need to have acces to high quality early childhood education programs in order to have a positive developement and health. A report of an American research conducted in 2013 has shown that there is a positive impact in the children’s behaviour when they attend early childhood education programs.
  Parents share their needs to us and this way they expand and enrich our curriculum to better meet individual needs. This is a partenership which has as a goal understanding everybody’s needs.  
  Teachers and parents gain, on one hand, through involvement, workshops, conferences and newsletters, a lot of information about the children and on he other hand, long-term benefits for the child and for younger siblings who will soon join the school community.
  We teach children to use respectful language because we want them to speak to their classmates and others in their lives in kind and helpful tones so their voices will be heard. We want our children to experience being a teacher and a learner within a safe community of friends. We model for children and provide practice in how to listen and give polite feedback. We show them how to work cooperatively and include others. Children who learn to say,
’’ Thank you for asking me, but I already have a partner, I’ll be your partner tomorrow,’’
are learning kindness. A caring atmosphere allows friendships to blossom and children to thrive.
  You will never find pictures of our children or detailed information about our activity on Facebook. We consider that intimicy is very important and nobody should have access to anything related to your children. We communicate with parents through an educational platform which gives them all the information they need on daily bases.